Cook Inlet Beluga StoryMap

Cook Inlet Beluga StoryMap


Join Olivia Lewis, CCI’s summer GIS intern, to learn about how she created a storymap to communicate the conservation needs of the Cook Inlet beluga whale in collaboration with Defenders’ Alaska team.

2020-08-14 12:45 PM
MapTalk: Geospatial lightning talks
Azavea Summer of Maps

Check out Olivia’s talk at 40:10 in the video below!

MapTalk is a mini conference composed of lightning talks on geospatial analysis projects undertaken as a summer fellowship, internship or research project. It is entirely free for participants and attendants. MapTalk consists of short 5-10 minute presentations followed by a Q&A period with the participants. The goal of MapTalk is to provide students with an opportunity to present and share their summer project with a wider audience and for the audience to learn something from one of the many companies and nonprofits that support fellowships and internships.

Olivia Lewis
2020 Summer Intern in GIS