#MapMonday: Ocelots

In honor of the Ocelot Conservation Festival, this episode of #MapMonday takes a look at this charismatic cat's current and historic range.

#MapMonday: Defending Our Nation's Wildlife

Mae and Lindsay walk through our story map that explains who we are as Defenders of Wildlife. You'll hear from all of our field directors about their conservation priorities and how their teams are meeting the threats of the current biodiversity …

#MapMonday: Field Guide to Climate Change

This MapMonday is about our Field Guide to Climate Change. Guest host Meg Evansen and Aimee Delach look at species already impacted by climate change.

#MapMonday: #Vote4Wildlife

Wolves can't ask for food. Whales can't stop ship traffic. Black-footed ferrets can't stop habitat loss. Most Americans value wildlife and wild places, and when it comes to protecting wildlife - what matters is preserving habitat, giving …

#MapMonday: Intro to GIS

Our GIS Intern, Olivia, explains what GIS is, and why it's important to the work we do at Defenders.

#MapMonday: Sea Otter Awareness

Happy Sea Otter Awareness Week! Lindsay chats with our California Representative, Andy, about our brand new sea otter story map. Float along with us through southern sea otter habitat so we can all learn how to better coexist with these otterly …

#MapMonday: Cook Inlet Belugas

In this episode we travel to Cook Inlet in Alaska, home to the endangered Cook Inlet Beluga. Mae chats to two members of our Alaska team about the threats facing this little white whale, what Defenders is doing to defend this unique population, and …

#MapMonday: Be Mindful of Beaver

Lindsay and our New Mexico Representative, Michael, discuss why it's important to be mindful of beavers. These remarkable rodents are ecosystem engineers throughout North America, but their skills for creating wetlands are particularly notable in …

#MapMonday: M-CORES

In this episode Mae chats to Kent, our senior representative in Florida, about the Multi-Use Corridors of Regional Economic Significance (M-CORES) bill. This bill requires Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to plan, develop and fund three …

#MapMonday: Endangered Species on National Wildlife Refuges

Lindsay chats with our Director of Federal Lands, Peter Nelson about a new storymap that features endangered species that rely on national wildlife refuges.