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Web apps, analyses, working papers, and related tools

Web Apps

A selection of our web apps. Those labeled Restricted are under active research and development; see → Contact Us to inquire about access.

FWS consultation data

Web-based recovery plans

Full-text search engine

Overview of ESA listings

How much money, where?

NRCS wildlife program

Petitioned/candidate species

Image collection tool

Actions to recover species

FWS's 7-year workplan

Timeliness of 5-yr reviews

Completeness of state ESAs

Single-state ESA-list species


An occasional series of short analyses that inform conservation efforts on a wide array of topics.

Needs and appropriations

ESA-authorized harm

Automated habitat monitoring

Habitat destruction from mining


Our peer-reviewed publications, preprints, and white papers.

Analysis of consultations

Consistent status scoring

Special rules for take

Recovery plans (preprint)

County-level prioritization

Section 7 consultation quality

Working Papers

An occasional series of short "papers" discussing our ongong work (and hence differentiated from Analyses).

Where coordinates are recorded

Recovery actions analysis

Recovery actions analysis

ESA-authorized harm

Non-federal conservation agmts

Non-federal conservation agmts

Critical habitat 2001-2011

Recovery plan timeliness

Proposed HCP handbook

HCP compliance monitoring

Automated change detection

Shiny Microapps

A set of small Shiny apps that provide a single, focused service, to be used as embeds (iframes) in non-Shiny webpages/sites.

Section 7 summary figures

Global Biodiv. Info. Facility

Status score display

Record and display threats

ROAR recovery action table

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